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History: The Urban Assault Ride has evolved from a lifelong love affair for bikes and all things bike related. The 1st UAR was in Austin TX in June 2003. The idea was to combine all the cool things from bike races, adventure races, and music festivals into one crazy event. It has since grown to be one of the biggest cycling events in the country!

What we are about: We believe that there are few problems the bike can’t solve. Bikes make you physically and mentally healthy, bikes reduce dependence on oil, bikes reduce traffic congestion, and bikes don’t pollute. They’re also a ton of fun to ride and that’s the part that we bring to you in the Urban Assault Ride. We’d like to see you use your bike more for transportation and the event is designed to show you how to get around town efficiently on your bike. As the old proverb states, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” In the UAR, you’ll teach yourself how great bikes are for getting around town…and that’s the best way to learn. After you experience the event, we hope you’ll be more inclined to grab your bike lock and not your car keys when you cruise down to the store to pick up a 6-pack of Fat Tire.

It’s also important to us to be considerate of the world we live in. These are some of the things that we’re doing to promote a sustainable bike-loving lifestyle:

  1. We ride our bikes as often as possible in business and personally. This means riding to meetings, to the grocery store, for many other errands, and of course just for fun. We’re even known to pedal a tandem solo when our companions are not up to pedaling. They just ring the bell when they want to go faster.
  2. We compost or recycle over 95% of what is left behind after you leave. Our vendors must provide compostible or recyclable materials for all food and drink.
  3. We don’t do bottled water at the race. We think everyone should stay hydrated during the Urban Assault Ride, because it makes the hangovers better the next day. However, bottled water creates a lot of unnecessary waste at the event. Instead, we rely on locally sourced water (the same stuff you drink from your taps at home) and utilize systems such as the Water Monster in many markets. Bring your water bottle and drink up.
  4. We try to focus on utilizing local subcontractors and partners in every market. From our great food vendors to the hero that delivers the portable toilets, we try to find vendors that are close to the race; the less they have to drive, the less CO2 they’ll emit.
  5. Instead of plastic event bags, we provide reusable drawstring bags. In addition, we have minimal paper in our packets to save trees.
  6. We are very conscientious of the companies that we choose to work with. All of our sponsors use sustainable business practices and we’re proud of them! When you come to our event – be rest assured that a lot of thought has gone into the message, sponsors, and concept for the UAR. We think you’ll dig it.
  7. The folks working the event are primarily volunteers from non-profit organizations that promote bike advocacy and environmental sustainability. Proceeds from the UAR benefit local non-profits (usually 2-3 different groups for each event). Check them out when you have a chance – they’re doing some great things in your community.

We hope you enjoy our event. It’s our pride and joy. If you’re ever in the Boulder CO area, look us up and we’ll go for a ride!

– the UAR Crew

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