Breaking any of the following Rules will result in DISQUALIFICATION of winning prizes. DON’T CHEAT AND HAVE FUN OUT THERE!!!

  1. Checkpoints can be reached in any order
  2. There are two types of checkpoints: obstacle checkpoints and mystery checkpoints. The obstacle checkpoints will be listed on the each city’s webpage prior to the event. The 1st mystery checkpoint clue will be listed on the site prior to the event and there will be 1-2 more mystery checkpoints to be revealed during the event. Depending on the city, there could be 7 – 10 total checkpoints.
  3. At each completed checkpoint, your team will receive a bead. Your team present your beads ON the supplied necklace at the finish line.
  4. Participants must plot their own course and obey traffic laws along the way.
  5. If you or your teammate receives a traffic ticket – you’re disqualified! Your bib number will be confiscated and your team will not be allowed at the checkpoints or after party.
  6. Some roads are off limits – these streets will be listed on the website before the event and on the event guideline sheet.
  7. Teams must complete as many checkpoints as they can and cross the finish line within 3 hours. (Austin’s time limit is 4 hours)
  8. If a team chooses not to complete a challenge, the team must take a time penalty.
  9. If there is a line at a checkpoint, teams must wait until their turn before they chose to complete the challenge or sit it out
  10. Participants can take a BONUS QUIZ the week of the event. The bonus quiz can result in up to a 5-minute time bonus based on the team’s score. 1 quiz/team. Teams with the best scores start the event first. Teams who register at packet pick up can’t take the bonus quiz. You will be emailed the URL to the quiz on the Wednesday of the event and it’s due on Friday by 5pm.
  11. Team members must ride together and complete checkpoints together.
  12. Participants cannot use motorized transportation for any assistance. This includes both riding in/on a motor vehicle as well as having a support vehicle to draft behind.
  13. Participants must wear a helmet AT ALL TIMES DURING THE EVENT
  14. One member of each team must be at least 18 years old.
  15. A team (or person on that team) can only win the grand prize once per season.