Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.33.40 AMThis is what the Urban Assault Ride is famous for and why riders keep coming back year after year! Teams must complete ‘obstacle challenges’ at each checkpoint. These will be physical and mental challenges that will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Every season we switch these up, so you will likely not experience the same obstacle twice (except for Big Wheels – they’re a sure thing;).

Obstacle challenges have included: adult big wheels, bike jousting, mini bikes, BMX peg rides, inflatable slip N slides, roller coasters, bouncy balls, kayaking, bike limbo, paperboy, puzzles, paint ball, or whatever else tickles our fancy. When planning obstacles, we take into account people who have fear of water, heights, speed, knee and back injuries. You can always sit out an obstacle and take a time penalty.

All equipment will be provided to each team at the checkpoints.

CLIF obstacleDue to the variety of the challenges, participants are advised to wear/bring shoes that will be comfortable for activity off the bike. These can be mountain bike shoes, but road bike shoes are not recommended as the only pair of shoes for the event.

We strive to make every obstacle fun and accessible to every racer no matter their age or ability. However, if you every feel you cannot complete an obstacle for any reason, we do offer the option to sit out that obstacle and take a ten (10) minute time penalty.