Disaster Policy

Occasionally events experience situations, which require unexpected cancellation. We will do everything we can to produce a safe event rain or shine.

If an act of God/Terrorism/Community Disaster occurs, what actions are taken?

  1. We will make decisions based on safety first
  2. Participants will be alerted as seen fit
  3. Athletes in that event will have first right to sign up for that event next year.
  4. Financial: The Urban Assault Ride™ cannot accept the risk of a disaster for everyone. Each athlete needs to accept the risk of his or her entry fee. There will be NO REFUNDS or free entries to other future events. The money you paid is spent developing that event. Why?!

The Urban Assault Ride™ does not save any money if you do not participate. All supplies and services for the event have already been paid for. The Urban Assault Ride™ needs to pay for all supplies and services associated with that event, regardless of the outcome. These include permits, police, our staff/office/warehouse/administration costs all year.