1. I’ve never done anything like this – what’s like?  Most people that enter the Urban Assault Ride are doing it just for fun and do not normally enter ‘bike races’ – so you’ll be in good company! We combine all the cool parts of bike races, scavenger hunts, adventure races, and outdoor festivals into one crazy event.  We design the course so it is ridable my almost anybody. The obstacles are a blast – no matter what your age.  Usually, it’s not the fittest team that wins. If you want to win, you need have well-thought out plan of attack and be pretty quick on the pedals. If you don’t care about winning…no worries. Most teams are in it just for the experience. It’s a blast for couples, friends, and families.

2. How many miles is it?  Depending on the route you choose, you will ride 15-20 miles. Since you pick your route, the total distance can vary from team to team. We try to make the event doable by most anybody, but we also want to make sure we hit all the cool spots in each city. The fastest team usually finishes around 1 1/2 hours. The average team takes about 2 hours to complete the event. Teams have 3 hours to complete the event.

3. Who can participate?  There are 4 types of teams: Male, Women, Coed, and Family. The Family division is for parents/guardians riding with a child 7-12. So, anybody 7 and up can participate. You have to be over 21 to drink the beer, of course.

4. When does the event start? When is the after party over?   The event starts at 9am and you have three hours to complete the obstacles. Many riders will be back in about an hour and a half. We tap the kegs at 10am (unless otherwise dictated by local regulations) and the beer flows until 2pm. The after-party prize contests usually start around noon and go until 2pm.

5. What type of bike should I use? We’ve seen every type of bike imaginable. The most important thing is your comfort while riding. If this means a beach cruiser – then that’s cool. Most competitive folks use road bikes, although mountain bikes are great too. Depending on your route strategy, you may take off-road trails, so the bike should be able to accommodate bike paths. (Personally – we think a cyclocross bike is perfect). If you do ride a road bike, DO NOT wear road shoes. You will be off the bike and road shoes will be dangerous. For the family division, trail-a-bikes are a great choice. Tandems are fine as well.

6. What are the obstacles like? We always switch it up – so you’ll never know what you’ll have to do until you get to the checkpoint. Most obstacles are designed for teammates to do together. Fun is ALWAYS the focus – you’ll be doing things you will not have done since you were a kid! Past participants have asked for the obstacles to be more physical – so we’ll be ramping up the challenges. Check out the photo section of the site for some past examples

7. When/where is the packet pick up? Packet pick up is on Saturday from 11-2. We’ll have great food and beer specials – check the website for the location for your city.

8. Can I get a refund? We are sorry, but we can’t offer refunds under any circumstances. We can offer transfers to another team or teammate for no additional charge.

9. Can I pickup my teammate’s packet for them? Yes – make sure you bring a signed/completed WAIVER and a copy of their driver’s license. Parents can sign for kids and husbands/wives and sign for each other.

10.  I don’t have a teammate. Can you help me find a person to participate with with?  We recommend posting a request for a teammate on our Facebook page 1st. Then, feel free to email (ryan@adventurefit.com) us with what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to fit your partner request. Another good option is CRAIGSLIST.

12. Can we ride on sidewalks? Most sidewalks are designed for pedestrians and not bikes. In some cities, bikes play by the same rules as cars – so you need to know your local laws. Typically, it’s a bad strategy since you’ll have to slow down often for cars entering and exiting parking lots. So….use your best judgment and stick to roads and paths designed for bikes. Remember, if you do something dangerous and get a traffic ticket – you’re disqualified.

13. Why are certain streets off-limits? We make some streets off-limits because they are too dangerous. Typically, these are highways or 3+ lane streets. If one of these streets has a bike lane – then you’re OK to ride on the bike lane. You can also cross off-limit streets. If you’re caught riding with traffic on an off-limit street, you are disqualified!

14. Will we have to swim? You may have to get in the water as part of an obstacle, but if do – you must wear a PFD (personal flotation device). Is this is terrifying to you, your team can always take a time penalty instead of completing the obstacle.

15. Will we have to run? Obstacles are off the bike, so you’ll be on your feet. However, there is no extended running. If you are uncomfortable doing an obstacle, you can always take the time penalty.

16. What’s up with the bonus quiz? The bonus quiz is optional, but allows you to receive up to 10 minutes of bonus time. Here’s how it works: The Wednesday of the event the bonus quiz is posted online. Check your city’s UAR page for the link and look out for an email from the event. The best scores on the quiz start the event first. We’ll release waves of teams based on their score. If you choose not to take the quiz, you’ll start 10 minutes after the 1st team (so taking the quiz is highly recommended). The quiz will have questions about the event, sponsors, and various trivia. We make some questions very hard – so that not everybody aces it!

17. When will results be posted? We will call out the top 3 in each division after the event – when we distribute prizes. We will have complete results listed on the website a day or two after each event.

18. What are mystery checkpoints? In addition to the checkpoints listed on the site, teams will also have to reach 2-3 ‘Mystery Checkpoints’. We don’t tell you where these are – we only provide clues to help you find these checkpoints. We will give you the 1st clue before the event on the website. When you reach this checkpoint, you’ll be given the clue to the 2nd checkpoint…and so on. You will have to think on you feet to determine the best way to integrate the mystery checkpoints into your route strategy

19. Do I need a bike lock? We have staff at all the checkpoints watching bikes, so you do not need to bring a lock during the event. For the after party, you WILL want to bring a lock so you don’t have to keep an eye on it when you’re riding a big wheel with a beer in your hand.

20. Can I make changes to my team? You can make changes to your team up until one week before your event. If you’d like to make changes to your registration, have your information (team name, confirmation, etc.) and follow the link below to the appropriate city page. Please note that there is a $10 fee each time you make changes to your registration.

21. Timing?

  • Do not forget your bib on race day. Without a bib tag, you will not receive a time!
  • Bibs are non-transferable. Each bib must be worn only by the participant to whom it is assigned.