Mini Bike limboCome one come all! You don’t have to ride in the UAR to have all the fun. Come and join us for a beer starting at 11am (in most cities). All beer sales benefit UAR non-profits. There will also be sponsor booths and contests (just in case you lose your inhibitions after a beer or two).

If you’re coming along to cheer on your favorite team, it is best to watch the start then go to some of the checkpoints.  Find out your team’s route and meet them at the checkpoints with your camera ready. We recommend riding a bike and not driving. There will not be much parking since we’ll be using parking lots for the obstacle courses. When your team heads to the finish, be sure to get prime viewing for the Final Obstacle!

You’re also welcome to volunteer to help out at one of the obstacles or start/finish. You’re going to be there anyway, right? Might as well get some free clothing, beer,  and food out of the deal!