Minneapolis, MN
August 07, 2016 at 9am
Venue: Surly Brewing

Checkpoint Locations

The total distance is normally around 15 - 20 miles and it takes a team 2 hours (average) to complete the UAR course.

There are also 2 'Mystery Checkpoints'. The clue for the 1st Mystery Checkpoint is below. You will be given the clue to the 2nd Mystery Checkpoint when you get to the 1st one.

Unfit Scuba Lever

(hint - it's an anagram)

Off Limit Streets

      These streets can be crossed but not ridden. Bike lanes on these streets ARE permitted
  • Hiawatha Ave.
  • Cedar Ave (south of Lake Nokomis Parkway)
  • I-35, I-94, I-494, I-394 (and any other 4 lane highway of course)